Whats New!!


Well what’s new

Where do we even start?   EVERYTHING is new!!!

We have a new name, a new look, a new website, a new facebook page, a new blog and new services.

This past year has truly been a lot of new things for One events. We have been trying to figure out a new name for a while now. Our old name had great meaning to Jeremy and I as it was part of a saying we shared on our own wedding day. “Grow old with me and the BEST IS YET TO BE” But no one could find us. It was always spelt wrong or they added other words in front of our name. So we hit the drawing board, had a few TV chilling meetings and that’s when Jeremy said “ONE” “ONE EVENTS” because we do one of a kind events. Well that’s it that was the new name. I wish we had a better story for it but we really do hope that it makes things easier across the board for finding us.

So as things are all new we are happy to announce a new service that we are offering.

 Vintage Rentals

So over our years of being in business we are always looking for cool and unique ways to add flair and “One” (pun intended) of a kind elements to every event we are working on. A few years ago we did an awesome cocktail reception with lots of old vintage couches and furniture. That day was the day we felling love with that look and style. I personally have always had a bit of a hording issue with chairs, furniture and pillows (Jeremy would say I have a bit of a hoarding problem with just about everything) So now I’m going to take my years of collecting and offer them to you.

Vintage couches and chairs, ladders, windows and so much more. So head over to our rental area and check out our inventory. We are adding new stuff daily. It is perfect to add that extra touch to your event that will make a big impact.

xoxox Sam

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