A   Rustic wooden ladder $20

B    Wooden crates $10

C      Old curved windows $10/pc

D   Wooden Boxes $2.50/pc

E    Vintage suitcase $10

(different signage also available)

F    Old doors $20/pc

– doors can be used separate or together as a collection

G   Mini chalk board $1/pc

H   Vintage gentleman’s chair $30

I     Vintage ladies chair $30

J     Vintage couch $100

K    Vintage white arm chairs $40/pc

L    Vintage red chair $20

M    Settee Couch $100

N   Isle chalk boards $2/pc

O   Rustic slat wood crates $5/pc

P    Juice Jugs   $20/pc

Q   Large frames $15/pc

– multiple sizes available

R    Ladder and shelves $50